The Accelerators and Technology Sector (ATS) has four departments (Beams, Engineering, Accelerator Systems, and Technology). These departments are responsible for the main technical activities of the Sector. Each department consists of a number of technical groups each responsible for a given discipline.

The ATS Directorate Office (ATS-DO Unit) is home to the Project Office and the main project teams, and a number of transversal activities.





  • The ATS-DO Unit is responsible for providing strategic direction and support to the CERN ATS sector for key projects and activities such as HL-LHC, FCC, CLIC, Medical Accelerators & Applications, EU activities, and the CERN Accelerator School (CAS).



ATS Departments

The ATS sector is has 4 main departments; Beams, Technology, Engineering and Accelerator Systems. The departments serve as the backbone of the accelerator infrastructure and associated facilities.



Responsible for preparing and delivering the requisite beams to all CERN experiments, experimental areas and facilities. Its activities include accelerator physics, beam operations, controls, survey and management of the experimental areas.

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Oversees pivotal technologies essential for current accelerators and experimental facilities. It addresses the requirements of ongoing projects, notably the HL-LHC, and anticipates the needs of future programs. Activities within the department encompass magnets, machine protection, cold and warm powering, and cryogenics.

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Manages engineering support, technical infrastructure, and coordination for all phases of accelerators and facilities—encompassing design, installation, operation, maintenance, and dismantling. Activities include mechanical and material engineering, electricity distribution, cooling, ventilation, handling engineering, and comprehensive technical coordination across CERN.

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Accelerator Systems

Oversees critical technical systems related to accelerator beams, including beam instrumentation, RF, beam transfer systems, targets, collimators, and absorbers. Its responsibilities encompass the operation of these systems in the CERN complex, as well as the development and deployment of new hardware. Additionally, the department is responsible for related R&D projects and future studies.

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