Welcome to the Accelerators and Technologies Sector

The ATS oversees the operation of CERN's accelerator complex which includes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). ATS manages the deployment, operation, and development of all accelerator technologies that underpin current and future operation.

Aligned with the Organization's strategic objectives, the sector guarantees the design, development, and implementation of upgrades to existing facilities. Additionally, it accommodates future accelerator projects, and related research and development.


Core activities

Operation and Exploitation of the Accelerator Complex

Ensure safe and effective exploitation of the accelerators complex and its experimental facilities.

Consolidation and Upgrades of the Accelerator Complex

The aging accelerator complex requires continuous maintenance and consolidation, with significant planned upgrades like the High Luminosity LHC.


Technologies and R&D

Maintain expertise in accelerator technologies and related support facilities. Coordinate R&D programs for future particle accelerators in collaboration with European and international partners.

Future Projects

Explore options for post-HL-LHC operation in the early 2040s, such as the Future Circular Collider (FCC) study, which explores collider possibilities within a 91 km circular tunnel in the local area. List of projects here.


Technical Infrastructure

Operate, maintain and develop CERN's extensive Technical Infrastructure (electrical network, cooling and ventilation, handling engineering, access and alarms)

Engineering facilities

State-of-the-art particle accelerators and detectors cannot be bought off the shelf. They come to life in workshops staffed by teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians

Latest News

Accelerator Report: The accelerator complex gears up for action after the yearly winter maintenance break

The first beams are already circulating in the Linac4 and PS Booster and should reach the LHC on 11 March. A new physics run is about to begin!

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CERN Council reviews progress of feasibility study for a next-generation collider

At its half-way mark, a study investigating the feasibility of a 91-kilometre Future Circular Collider to potentially follow the Large Hadron Collider at CERN shows significant progress

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Chamonix: building on success, planning for the future

Highlights from this year’s Chamonix workshop, including the crucial role that the injectors play in shaping future research endeavours

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HiLumi News: protecting the components of CERN’s future accelerator

The collimation system of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which protects the accelerator’s components, needs an upgrade to be able to handle the performance of CERN’s future accelerator

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HiLumi News: cool kickers for the HL-LHC

Successful tests of the first “MKI-Cool” show that these new kicker magnets can take the heat and keep their cool with high-luminosity beams

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