Societal Impact

As in 1989, with the creation of the World Wide Web, CERN continues to use its world-leading expertise in acceleratordetector and computing technology, to generate medical applications for the benefit of society.  The technologies push medical innovation forward in areas of radiotherapy, imaging, dosimetry, and computing power. You can learn more about some of these ground breaking projects below.

Medical Accelerators


The Next Ion Medical Machine Study (NIMMS), a collaborative research organized by CERN, aims to develop the most effective ion therapy technologies

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EuroSIG is a collaboration effort with several EU medical institutes, with the aim is to design an innovative superconducting ion gantry which can improve heavy ion cancer therapy.


CERN, CHUV and THERYQ are currently co-developing a revolutionary FLASH radiotherapy device that will use very high-energy electrons (VHEE) to treat cancer, with greatly reduced side effects.

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GaToroid is an innovative gantry design, that uses a toroidal magent design, bring more flexibility to proton, and heavy ion cancer therapy.

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By producing novel radioactive nuclei (radioisotopes), MEDICIS researches various radioisotopes, which could not only help diagnose cancers but can also deliver precise radiation.

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STELLA aims to bring radiotherapy to the developing world by designing a more robust, interchangable and cheaper machine, which can be used in inpoverished regions with poor infrastructure, little budget and a lack of skilled labour.


The CERN Linear Electron Accelerator for Research (CLEAR) is an electron test facility for accelerator R&D. In its medical application experiments, CLEAR studies dosimetry and the FLASH effect.

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Medical  Applications


The MARCHESE project proposes to enhance healthcare by introducing a contactless and non-invasive approach to continuously monitor the patient's overall health state using cameras, radars and laser sensors.



Using our Machine Learning Models and Federated Learning Platform, for training models on sensitive data, CERN aims to tackle many of medicine’s greatest challenges.

More about TRUSTroke / CAFEIN

European Projects

CERN works on many European collaborative projects, which use CERN's technology and expertise, in-order to directly impact society at large. 

Knowledge Transfer

ATS is dedicated to sharing its technological innovations from the lab with industry and the wider community. It achieves this through initiatives like the Knowledge Transfer Group, which links CERN's technologies with industrial partners, and the Entrepreneurship Meet-Ups, fostering innovation in the high-tech sector.

Further Applications of CERN Technologies in Society

GTT Liquid Hydrogen Cryostats

Superconducting Links META

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Through CERN & Society Foundation; individuals, companies and organizations can donate to the inspiring projects, accelerating innovation for the medicine of tomorrow!