Welcome to the Accelerators and Technologies Sector

The ATS oversees the operation of CERN's accelerator complex which includes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). ATS manages the deployment, operation, and development of all accelerator technologies that underpin current and future operation.

Aligned with the Organization's strategic objectives, the sector guarantees the design, development, and implementation of upgrades to existing facilities. Additionally, it accommodates future accelerator projects, and related research and development.


Core activities

Operation and Exploitation of the Accelerator Complex

Ensure safe and effective exploitation of the accelerators complex and its experimental facilities.

Consolidation and Upgrades of the Accelerator Complex

The aging accelerator complex requires continuous maintenance and consolidation, with significant planned upgrades like the High Luminosity LHC.


Technologies and R&D

Maintain expertise in accelerator technologies and related support facilities. Coordinate R&D programs for future particle accelerators in collaboration with European and international partners.

Future Projects

Explore options for post-HL-LHC operation in the early 2040s, such as the Future Circular Collider (FCC) study, which explores collider possibilities within a 91 km circular tunnel in the local area.


Technical Infrastructure

Operate, maintain and develop CERN's extensive Technical Infrastructure (electrical network, cooling and ventilation, handling engineering, access and alarms)

Engineering facilities

State-of-the-art particle accelerators and detectors cannot be bought off the shelf. They come to life in workshops staffed by teams of highly skilled engineers and technicians

Latest News

Accelerator Report: Setting the stage for a productive summer

We are optimistic that we will have a successful luminosity production period this summer

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Accelerator Report: Exploring potential performance increases

The LHC injector chain has been switched to a new beam production scheme to explore its potential to produce more collisions in the LHC and to compare its performance to that of the standard LHC beam

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HiLumi News: The HL-LHC’s cold powering system successfully passed the tests

The new HL-LHC cold powering system, which includes the high-temperature superconducting link colloquially known as “the python”, has successfully passed its first cold powering tests

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Accelerator Report: Already a fifth of the way there

The LHC is performing well and the injector complex is treating its experimental users to a high level of beam availability

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Accelerator Report: Keeping cool and adapting to challenges

In the last two weeks, the LHC teams have encountered two main challenges that have led to some changes to the filling scheme

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