An integrated software framework for magnetic measurements - from raw data to assets

Submitted by ogomezal on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 18:45


Please note that the we kindly ask you when connecting to this seminar to mute your microphones and cameras in order to have a good connection.

In the TE-MSC-TM section, we perform magnetic measurements over a wide range of different sensors and devices, calibration and measurement techniques, and data reduction and post-processing.
Over the years we have established a Flexible Framework for Magnetic Measurements (FFMM) as the software basis for our measurement scripts.

Starting as a small collection of device controllers and sensor implementation, the framework now offers a full collection of features to create graphical user interfaces, real-time analysis tools and interaction with common web services at CERN.

This takes the measurement scripts from mere data acquisition to a fully integrated measurement environment, guiding the operator from the measurement request to the point of releasing processed and verified measurement data,

while automatically storing and archiving intermediate data for quality assurance and traceability of results.

Linking the scripts to the InforEAM asset management system and the underlying Oracle database not only guarantees the traceability of the results to calibration and sensor meta-data, but also puts emphasis on the measurement results as the real assets of the section.
In this seminar, we highlight the architecture of the FFMM framework, discuss how we benefit from this integration in the execution of measurements, and show our workflow from data acquisition to the release of our measurement results.

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