Passive and active contact pressure measurement systems in superconducting magnet applications.

Submitted by ogomezal on Fri, 08/27/2021 - 12:25


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CERN is developing high field magnets based on low temperature superconductors, which show limited tolerance in terms of applied mechanical load. Established measurement systems do not allow direct monitoring of the critical compressive stress components occurring at the coil contact interfaces during assembly and powering. Therefore, alternative passive and active measurement techniques have been studied, enabling a contact pressure determination at the midplane, pole and outer radius of the coil. The presented passive measurement system is based on a pressure sensitive film, whereas details on application and data post processing as well as the limitations of the system will be explained. The developed active pressure measurement technique is given by thin structured capacity load transducer. The design of the transducer is described by an analytical multi-physic model which was benchmarked by numerical simulations and experimental tests. The aim of the seminar is to summarize and share the experience made on the presented measurement techniques.


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