Progress in GaToroid, a novel gantry for hadron therapy

Submitted by ogomezal on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 17:57


Please note that the we kindly ask you when connecting to this seminar to mute your microphones and cameras in order to have a good connection.

The Gatoroid project aims to develop a new type of gantry for hadron therapy. The novel concept defined in 2017 by Luca Bottura uses the axis-symmetry from a toroidal field to bend the beam and deliver it to the patient from several directions. The magnetic field of this toroidal gantry is static and neither the magnets nor the patient need to be rotated. A single upstream vector magnet is used to kick the particles into the gantry with a proper angle, depending on the energy and the desired direction. Able to be scaled to different energies, this gantry design can be adapted for either protons or ion beams. The elimination of all rotating parts as well as the significant reduction of size, weight, and cost thanks to the use of superconductive magnets are a big step forward that has the potential to improve greatly hadron therapy facilities.

At this stage of the project, 2 demonstrators consisting of scaled down versions of 1 coil from the proton gantry are being built and will be tested to prove the feasibility of the concept: one with HTS and another with LTS as conductor. The concept, the design and the progress in the construction of these 2 magnets will be presented as well as few of the latest developments for the carbon ion Gantry.

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