HTS for the FCC-hh beam screen, and beyond

Submitted by ogomezal on Fri, 06/04/2021 - 17:57


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The FCC-hh magnets will have a beam screen, with similar functions as in the LHC. Unlike the LHC, the operating temperature of 50 K will limit the conductivity of the inner copper coating, increasing beam coupling impedance and resulting in a limited beam instabilities margin.

We have thus investigated the feasibility of replacing the copper coating of the FCC-hh beam screens with an HTS coating. This work, performed within a consortium of several European laboratories coordinated by CERN, and investigating various technologies, resulted in very promising initial results, which will be pursued towards a real-scale demonstrator prototype.

I will present the requirements for HTS to operate in the beam screen, the fundamentals of the physics behind this unusual application, the technologies developed and the obtained results. These results suggest the use of HTS in applications beyond our initial scope, in particular for axion detectors, a hot-topic in current particle physics.

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