Design and manufacturing of three permanent magnet dipoles for FASER experiment

Submitted by ogomezal on Thu, 02/18/2021 - 16:59


Please note that the we kindly ask you when connecting to this seminar to mute your microphones and cameras in order to have a good connection.

FASER, the ForwArd Search ExpeRiment, is designed to search for new, yet undiscovered, light and weakly-interacting particles and study the interactions of high-energy neutrinos. Three dipoles are required to achieve sufficient separation of pairs of oppositely charged, high-energy Standard Model particles originating from decays of new physics particles. The longest, a 1.5 m long magnet surrounds a decay volume in the upstream part of the detector, which is followed by two 1 m long magnets.

The dipoles have an aperture diameter of 200 mm with a minimum required magnetic field at the centre of 0.55 T. Due to tight space constraints, a design based on permanent magnets was proposed. This presentation will describe our experience for the design, manufacturing, assembly, measurement and installation in LHC of these large Halbach array dipoles.

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