Design of an HTS demonstrator coil of a superconducting toroidal magnet for a particle physics experiment in space

Submitted by ogomezal on Thu, 01/21/2021 - 16:33


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In the framework of a collaboration agreement between CERN, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), University of Trento, and TIFPA, the HTS Demonstrator Magnet for Space (HDMS) project investigates methods for manufacturing HTS magnets for space applications [1]. Within this project, we develop a conceptual design of a 12-coil superconducting toroidal magnet for a magnetic spectrometer in space. The toroidal magnet requires about 62 km of high performance 12 mm ReBCO tape and operates at a temperature of 20 K with a peak magnetic field of 11.9 T. The magnet provides a bending strength of 3 T m, which is sufficient to measure charged particles with rigidities up to 100 TV, about two orders of magnitude higher than the present state-of-the-art space spectrometer. A small scale single coil, which is about one third in size of a toroidal coil, has been designed and is being manufactured as demonstrator of the technology. The performance of the demonstrator is discussed as well as the main technological issues such as the soldered metal insulation method that is critical for the quench protection. Small solenoids with various cable and solder configurations are being produced to test the soldered metal insulation coil technology before manufacturing the demonstrator coil.

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