Title Start Date End Date Room Category Type
HL_LHC status 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Annual Group Meeting TE-VSC 30/7-018 2020 Meeting
Future accelerators projects: FCC…?? 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Amorphous carbon coating in the SPS & Impedance reduction in SPS during LS2 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
LS2 LHC 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
LS2 : PS & SPS 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Copper Plating & Overview of possible activites in Blg.107 593/R-010 2020 Lecture
In-Situ Amorphous Carbon Coating of the Beam Screens of LHC’s Standalone Magnets 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Computation of Electromagnetic Boundary Data from Magnetic Measurements in Accelerator Magnets https://vidyoportal.cern.ch/join/4JiI2jRNys MSC Seminars Meeting
Analysis and Modelling of Geometry and Field Quality Along the Series Production of the 11 T Dipole https://vidyoportal.cern.ch/join/4JiI2jRNys MSC Seminars Meeting
How to define a real gas density level & Integrating more than 400 PLCs 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
SOCIAL EVENT Group Barbecue 9401/R-000 2020 Lecture
CERN Cryolab measurement capabilities and R&D – related to MSC https://vidyoportal.cern.ch/join/4JiI2jRNys MSC Seminars Meeting
Vacuum Data Pipeline & Shape memory alloy 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Thermomechanical behaviour of Nb3Sn magnet constituent materials https://vidyoportal.cern.ch/join/4JiI2jRNys MSC Seminars Meeting
Impedence measurements and Beam screen HL-LHC 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Novel toroidal configuration for hadron therapy gantry (concept) - E. Felcini // Novel toroidal configuration for hadron therapy gantry (prototype mechanics) - J. Harray VIDYO MSC Seminars Meeting
Evolution of Vacuum Software 30/7-018 2020 Lecture
Determination of the electromechanical limits of high-performance Nb3Sn Rutherford cables under transverse stress from a single-wire experiment https://vidyoportal.cern.ch/join/Mb2iqqHkmX3F MSC Seminars Meeting
Coldex & Simulation tools 30/7-018 2020 Lecture