Title Start Date End Date Room Category Type
Present and Future Copper Interconnectivity challenges at CERN BE Seminars Lecture
Geodetic Deformation Measurement and Analysis of the ATLAS Experimental Cavern at CERN BE Seminars Lecture
A Robotic System for Remote Interventions in the FCC Complex BE Seminars Lecture
Studies for current and future high intensity experiments at the CERN P42 and K12 beam lines BE Seminars Lecture
Non-linear dynamics modelling in accelerators, applied to beam-beam long-range compensation for HL-LHC BE Seminars Lecture
Pre-Booster Ring Design of the FCC-e+e- Injector Complex BE Seminars Lecture
Methods for characterizing rare isotope beams at the REX/HIE-ISOLDE Linear Accelerator BE Seminars Lecture
Development of High Precision Alignment Monitoring Systems BE Seminars Lecture
Beam-Beam Long-Range Wire Compensation for Enhancing CERN LHC Performance BE Seminars Lecture
UCAP - A generic, self-service, controls data processing platform BE Seminars Lecture
Caustics: Singularities in particle trajectory densities BE Seminars Lecture
PS Booster Longitudinal Beam Dynamics in Run 3: New Challenges, New Possibilities BE Seminars Lecture
Modeling and optimization of the European XFEL with OCELOT BE Seminars Lecture
ADTObsBox - Experiment-scale data analysis of the transverse positional data in the LHC BE Seminars Lecture
SixTrackLib: Design and Implementation of a GPU Accelerated Beam-Dynamics Simulation Library BE Seminars Lecture
High Performance Computing Cookbook: The BLonD recipe BE Seminars Lecture
Introduction to the algorithm behind the "Supercycle Optimiser" BE Seminars Lecture
A new approach to breakdown limits 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Impact of noise and modulation effects at the LHC and its High-lumi upgrade 6/2-024 BE Seminars Conference
Accelerator complex performance optimization in the framework of Physics Beyond Colliders 874/1-011 BE Seminars Conference