Title Start Date End Date Room Category Type
PS Booster Longitudinal Beam Dynamics in Run 3: New Challenges, New Possibilities BE Seminars Lecture
Modeling and optimization of the European XFEL with OCELOT BE Seminars Lecture
ADTObsBox - Experiment-scale data analysis of the transverse positional data in the LHC BE Seminars Lecture
SixTrackLib: Design and Implementation of a GPU Accelerated Beam-Dynamics Simulation Library BE Seminars Lecture
High Performance Computing Cookbook: The BLonD recipe BE Seminars Lecture
Introduction to the algorithm behind the "Supercycle Optimiser" BE Seminars Lecture
A new approach to breakdown limits 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Impact of noise and modulation effects at the LHC and its High-lumi upgrade 6/2-024 BE Seminars Conference
Accelerator complex performance optimization in the framework of Physics Beyond Colliders 874/1-011 BE Seminars Conference
Highlights from beam-based studies of nonlinear optics in the LHC and implications for HL-LHC 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Bunch characteristics evolution for lepton and hadron rings under the influence of Intra-beam scattering 6/2-024 BE Seminars Conference
Ring design challenges for the measurement of the possible Electric Dipole Moment of the proton 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Fundamental and Higher-Order Modes in the SPS Travelling Wave Acceleration System 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Beam loading and RF power evaluation for high-current colliders 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
The use of Digital Twins in the design of the waste heat recovery project for Ferney Voltaire 874/1-011 BE Seminars Conference
Applications of White Rabbit Technologies 6/2-024 BE Seminars Conference
Introduction to White Rabbit Technologies 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference
Longitudinal beam dynamics of LHC beam in the SPS: losses and instabilities 874/1-011 BE Seminars Conference
Reduction of extraction losses with barrier buckets in the PS 6/2-024 BE Seminars Conference
Green is the warmest color: A DevOps (Development Operations) crash course 774/R-013 BE Seminars Conference